Fear The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead will premiere in the US on 23 August and would be telecast in the UK on 31 August YouTube screenshot

Fear The Walking Dead, AMC's most awaited original zombie series will premiere this Sunday, 23 August in the US.

The series will be based in Los Angeles, but will not explain the reason or origin of the strange and deadly flu that turned humans into undead walkers.

Unlike The Walking Dead's ruthless survival strategy, the companion series will focus more on emotional values and would revolve around two teachers, who are madly in love with each other. The couple will try to survive and save their children from the deadly infection that is gradually wiping out mankind from Earth.

"It's just the onset [of the outbreak], is that it did allow us to take the problems that this family would have had regardless of if there was a zombie around the corner," showrunner Dave Erickson told Yahoo.

The official synopsis of the upcoming AMC drama reads:

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Fear the Walking Dead season 1 premieres on23 August at 9pm EDT on AMC Network in the US