Attention Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users! A recall notice has been issued for refurbished Note 4 batteries - which were installed in the device by FedEx Supply Chain - as they are at a risk of overheating and this might lead to "fire and burn hazards".

The recall, however, will affect devices that were distributed as part of AT&T's Insurance program between December 2016 and April 2017.

According to the recall notice, which was posted on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website, some of the batteries installed in the refurbished phones are counterfeit.

"FedEx Supply Chain is conducting this recall of non-genuine Samsung batteries as some of them are counterfeit," a Samsung spokesperson told the Verge. "The refurbishment program was managed by FedEx Supply Chain and operated independently of Samsung."

The batteries can be identified by a green dot, which was placed on them while refurbishment was done, the notice on the CPSC website said. Samsung and FedEx have reportedly identified this issue in the batteries, which are counterfeit and not a part of the phone maker's genuine accessories.

The batteries in question were also not supplied by Samsung, according to the recall announcement posted with the CPSC. They allegedly have an anomaly that causes them to overheat.

In the report, it was advised that consumers should stop using the refurbished Galaxy Note 4 devices and power them down immediately.

In the report, it was not made clear who the manufacturer of the batteries was and where they originated from.

Users will be provided with free, new batteries that will be shipped to user's homes along with a postage-paid box, in which faulty batteries can be sent back to AT&T. More details about this recall can be found at the CPSC website.

According to reports, there have been no cases of injury or damage to property so far. Over 10,000 units are reportedly covered under this recall. A website has been set up with detailed instructions regarding how to process the recall for those with affected Galaxy Note 4 phones.