It was the feud that reportedly erupted over a Givenchy T-shirt but Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj could not have made it clearer that there is no row between them.

Anaconda hitmaker Minaj was accused of slamming rapper Tyga for his alleged romance with Kylie by wearing a "Pervert 17" baseball jersey in her Feeling Myself video with Beyonce.

However, Minaj, 32, and the 17-year-old reality star have set the record straight on Twitter.

In a Vine taken at the recent 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner admit they would like to swap bodies with Minaj and Beyonce for a day.

Clearly shutting down the feud rumours, Minaj shared this clip on her Twitter account, to which Kylie replied with a heart emoji.

Shortly after the music video premiered, fans speculated that the Starships rapper disapproved of Tyga and Kylie's alleged relationship.

A source also claimed that Tyga was teaming up with Kanye West to make a "diss record" aimed at the Young Money star.

The source told Hollywood Life: "Kanye is taking [the insult against Kylie and Tyga] personally. He's sick and tired of people attacking Tyga and Kylie's relationship and he's not about to let Nicki get away with it by being so outright rude in her video."

Alleging that the track would be masterminded by Kylie's brother-in-law West, the insider added: "He plans on retaliating with a song that will diss all the haters, including Nicki, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna."

The reported "Pervert 17" jab has since been discredited by eagle-eyed social media users.

The baseball jersey is actually a design by fashion house Givenchy while singer Janet Jackson wore a similar design to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1995.

Watch Beyonce and Nicki Minaj's Feeling Myself music video: