Femen protest Mario Draghi ECB
A protester jumps on the table in front of the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi during a news conference in Frankfurt Reuters

Radical feminist group Femen have claimed responsibility on Twitter for a protest at the European Central Bank (ECB) press conference against president Mario Draghi in Frankfurt.

A woman leapt on top of Draghi's desk as he was speaking and showered him with confetti, shouting "End ECB dictatorship". The smiling protester, who was sporting a T-shirt reading "ECB dick-tatorship", was quickly hauled away.

The feminist group, which has made the headlines for its members' half-naked stunts, wrote on Twitter:

Draghi resumed his speech after a few minutes' break and said there was "clear evidence" that the central bank's stimulus program was working. He cited increased lending in the eurozone after years of tight credit.

In February, three Femen topless protesters jumped on the car of the former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) outside the French court where he was due to testify on charges of pimping.

The bare-chested protesters, who were shouting "the clients are convicted", were immediately blocked by Lille security guards and carried away. They had "pimps, clients, guilty" painted on their chests and "your turn to be f****d".