A brawl broke out on a Saturday night train after a woman began placing bagels on other passengers' heads. The bizarre episode was captured on film by a fellow traveller.

The video is a series of short clips, which can at times be disorientating. They appear to show bagels being placed on random passenger's heads and an ensuing melee involving at least two separate fights.

The incident is reported to have occurred on the last train from London to Huntingdon in the East Midlands in the early hours of Saturday morning (25 February).

It was caught on camera by social media personality Dougie Stew. He told The Daily Mail: "The only word that does it justice is surreal. It was completely and utterly surreal.

"I got on at the first carriage and you could see that everyone had had a good night. These girls were grabbing bagel after bagel from their handbags and just putting them on people's heads and singing.

"It was pretty funny but then people started getting a bit worked up and all of a sudden these two girls are going at one another. It's hard to know how it started – one of them was saying the other one looked at her funny. They had to get a few bodies in between to keep them apart.

"The bagel thing was still going on at the same time and this fella started chucking them out the window. I don't think he thought it was funny any more. Some of the more level-headed people on board had to separate these girls because they were repeatedly getting up and trying to get at each other.

"I was sat there filming it thinking: 'there's so many plots going on here, it's like an episode of Black Mirror'. I've never seen anything like it."

A spokeswoman for British Transport Police said: "We were called at 1.15am on Sunday to reports of a disturbance on a board a train. We attended and spoke to passengers but no allegations of any offences were made."

Crazy London train fight dubbed #BagelGate
A brawl broke out on a Saturday night train after a woman began placing bagels on other passengers’ heads.