Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15 has finally gone gold, celebrating with a brand new, gorgeous cinematic trailer titled Omen Square Enix

After almost a decade in development, a change of name, several direction changes and multiple delays, Final Fantasy 15 has finally gone gold, celebrating with a brand new cinematic trailer titled, Omen. Square Enix describes the trailer as a "nightmarish 'omen' for Noctis' father King Regis — a catastrophic future that must be avoided."

The exciting announcement came via the official Final Fantasy 15 Twitter page, indicating that the game's main development has finally been wrapped up and is now ready for production. The team also unveiled a gorgeous new short film inspired by the game, predicting a dark, ominous future.

Developed in conjunction with Digic Pictures, the team responsible for the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy 15 film, the four-and-a-half minute short film is described by Square Enix as a "nightmare" for protagonist Noctis and shows an "omen" for Noctis' father, King Regis.

The video shows Noctis chasing a white Shiba Inu whilst a ghostly vision of his beloved fiancée, Lunafreya, appears everywhere he goes.

"Noctis navigates a rapidly shifting world, endless waves of enemies, a gradual loss of abilities, and a madness that brings harm to his beloved fiancée," Square adds. "Inspired by the world and story of Final Fantasy 15, the trailer depicts a nightmarish 'omen' for Noctis' father King Regis—a catastrophic future that must be avoided."

"How many must die before you are satisfied?" a voice says.

The development team has now moved on to work on the game's post launch content. According to the title's DLC director Haruyoshi Sawatari, Final Fantasy 15's sixth and final DLC pack, called the Comrades pack, will add a four-player online co-op mode to the game. However, he did note that the multiplayer DLC is still in the planning stages and is predicted to be released mid to late 2017.

Shortly after the announcement, Square launched a mysterious website possibly teasing a new Final Fantasy game featuring a countdown scheduled to expire four days from the publication of this article. The website also shows "iPhone" and "Android" on the bottom indicating it will be a mobile title.

The website also features artwork from famed character artist Yoshitaka Amano and a message from Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita that, as translated by DualShockers, reads: "Final Fantasy is about characters with anger and sadness, and dramatic battles full of humanity. And more than anything else, we should not forget the fantasy."

Final Fantasy 15 will be released on 29 November for Xbox One and PS4.