GT Sport screenshot
A new screenshot of Gran Turismo Sport. Sony

Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi revealed the first details of upcoming PS4 racer GT Sport at a press conference in London , confirming details of the game's main Sport Mode and its offline campaign mode.

The game will also be released exclusively on the Sony console on 18 November in the UK and Europe, and 15 November in North America and Japan.

The game will feature 137 "Super Premium" cars – a mix of real and concept vehicles split into four classes – each of which has been remodelled by developer Polyphonic Digital since Gran Turismo 6. As for courses there will be 19 race locations with a total of 27 track layouts at launch – including dirt tracks for the first time.

GT Sport's offline Campaign mode is comprised of 117 events split between a Beginner's School, which will offer tutorials and basic training "from driving to racing" and "from racing to drifting", and three other modes. "Circuit Experience" consists of 35 events, "Missions Challenge" consists of 62 events and "Racing Etiquettes" will consist of 10.

The campaign accompanies an Arcade Mode and Sport Mode – the online mode Sony is most interested in pushing.

In a round-table discussion following the conference, Yamauchi said: "Looking back, I think we should have called it Gran Turismo 7." Since it was announced last year, the game has been referred to as specifically not GT7. He also described it as "the most innovative GT since the original".

Other features talked about at the event include a redesigned museum mode for showcasing vehicle models, the ability to create custom car decals for the first time in the series, an improved photo mode called "Scapes" that supports 4K images, and a smartphone companion app. The photo mode will also allow cars to be snapped in various scenic locations.

A livestream to be held at 6:30pm BST will reveal the first gameplay from GT Sport. You can watch that livestream below.

GT Sport was announced during a Sony press conference held at Paris Games Week in October 2015. The game will support Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, but quite how has yet to be revealed. During the round-table, Yamauchi said his team is looking to support PSVR "from launch".

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