Street Fighter 5 Ryu Artwork
Ryu as depicted in Street Fighter 5's artwork. Capcom

The first gameplay footage from Capcom's forthcoming PS4 and PC game, Street Fighter 5, was shown off over the weekend.

Fans around the world watching this year's Capcom Cup viewed the six minutes of gameplay during the Street Fighter championship held in San Francisco, California.

Street Fighter favourites Ryu and Chun Li fought it out in footage running at 60 frames per second from the PS4 version.

You can watch the fight below...

James Chen and David "Ultradavid" Philip Graham commentated on the fight, offering their analysis of the new game on the fly as Mike Ross and Peter "Combofiend" Rosas competed.

Among the changes noted is a new power stance that changes some attacks, new moves across the board, and a revenge meter that powers Ultra Combos.

A total $50,000 (£32,000) was up for grabs at the tournament, played out on Ultra Street Fighter IV, split between the top three competitors.

A thirty minute analysis of the footage was uploaded to YouTube by user Joe Ciaramelli and can be viewed here.

Street Fighter 5 was announced at Sony's PlayStation Experience event earlier this month, where console exclusivity for the PS4 was announced as well as cross-platform play with the PC version.