What Gamers Want From the PS4

Earlier this week, IBTimes UK spoke about how Microsoft has done a better job at serving up updates and new features on the Xbox One when compared to Sony's PS4. Today, we take a look at all the top features that gamers want from Sony over the next few updates.

While some of these features are a little extravagant, a vast majority of them are basics that Sony should have served up a long time ago.

DLNA Support

Gamers on the PS4 have been requesting for this ever since the console was launched in 2013. If DLNA support does arrive, then streaming media content to your PlayStation 4 becomes a relatively easy and trouble-free affair. Reports recently indicated that players will get DLNA support on their consoles by "early 2015".

Meanwhile, check out our guide to stream media content onto your next-gen console.

Apart from this, gamers also want solid local media support on the console.

Organized Home Screen

The current home screen for the PS4 is more than a mess since it features poor navigation that can get somewhat frustrating over time. Gamers don't like the idea of having to scroll through dozens of tiles just to get to the games in their library. It's about time that Sony rolled out a more intuitive user experience. And why don't we have folders yet?


Sony has bored gamers on the PS4 for far too long with the same old home screen and user interface visuals. It's high time they introduced themes and other fun visual elements into the mix, allowing gamers to get more creative with their next-gen consoles. A user-driven theme library would be an amazing start.

Pause/Resume Downloads

We still can't pause and resume downloads on the PS4. This feature is rather important and can help make things very, very convenient.

Ability to Organize and Delete

Gamers want the choice to organise and delete items in their library. For instance, have a look at this comment from Reddit user HuntingSnarks.

"Right now, choice to organize my library and able to delete stuff. I don't want music unlimited while my game is on the right side of the screen that I have to scroll through to app that I don't want."