The flash
Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash The CW

The Flash season 2 will bring a lot of chances to many of the show's lead characters, mainly Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon.

The speedster will get a new suit in season 2, which will be closer to the ones in the comic books. Grant Gustin's first look in the new suit has been officially unveiled by The CW.

The flash season 2
Grant Gustin in a new suit for The Flash season 2 The CW

During The Flash season finale, there was a moment where Barry is moving so fast through the Speed Force that he begins to witness events that haven't happened yet. One moment showed Barry in prison, talking to someone from behind the glass, hinting at a major comic book storyline.

Grant Gustin confirmed that moment from the finale was indeed a reference to The Trial Of The Flash, that ran in the comics between 1983 and 1985.

The story dealt with how Barry Allen found himself in prison for manslaughter after he accidentally kills one of his foes in battle.

"That's a famous story from from the comics," Gustin said. "That was no bullshit. They [the showrunners] usually don't easter egg things without letting them come to fruition."

Gustin said that it would "probably get its own season if and when it happens," and cautioned "that could take longer than most other things that we got a glimpse of to actually happen."

Cisco's destiny

Cisco Ramon is a mechanical engineering genius at S.T.A.R. Labs, but it was revealed at the end of the season 1 finale that he has super powers, and that his visions of his own death are happening because of the effects of the particle accelerator, thereby laying the groundwork for bringing his alter ego Vibe in the show's season 2.

In the comics, Vibe would have sonic powers, and his sonic waves will be strong enough to disrupt the Speed Force.

Carlos Valdes explained to Zap2it at the San Diego Comic-Con about his character's traumatic transformation in season 2.

Valdes said, "Cisco, at this point, is so overwhelmed with all of the madness that's going on: Barry going back in time and [Cisco] possibly losing him as a friend and changing the reality and the timeline. On top of that Dr. Wells [tells] him about this fate and destiny that the's supposed to have."

He teased, "There are changes to Cisco's biology that are happening. With the whole dream sequence that was covered in episode [20] and other episodes as well — that's a primary part of the changes that are going on with his body. You can definitely expect pretty early on for Cisco to start grappling with those changes.

"It's very overwhelming. He's in a complete state of denial," Valdes says. "That denial brings about a bewilderment that he's victim too," Carlos said, hinting that Cisco will not handle the changes well.

The Flash season 2 returns on 6 October on the CW.