Supernatural season 11 episode 21
Emily Swallow as Amara/Darkness in Supernatural season 11 The CW

The CW has released the synopsis for Supernatural season 11 finale, which teases a showdown of epic proportions between God/ Chuck and Amara/Darkness. Episode 23 is aptly titled, Alpha And Omega, which will air on 25 May at 9pm EST.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

The title Alpha And Omega means "the beginning and the end," thereby repeating Amara's words in episode 9 where she told Dean, "I was the beginning and I will be the end. I will be all that there is." So, fans can expect some end-of-the-world like event when the brother-sister face off against each other in the 25 May episode.

In the previous episode, Chuck revealed to Sam and Dean that he is God, and that he is planning to sacrifice himself to Amara, which implies being caged. But Dean explained to Chuck that Amara planned to eliminate him and destroy his creation without any mercy.

But God explained to Dean that humans will step up in the face of diversity, and admitted, "That's why I saved you years ago. You're the firewall between light and darkness." But Dean brushes off his arguments and asks him to take down Amara.

Meanwhile, Sam along with a new prophet and Metatron release Lucifer from Amara's captivity and Metatron sacrifices his life to make this happen. Amara also makes Dean an offer to become a part of him, literally. The episode ends with God reuniting with his son, Lucifer, thereby setting a stage for a family battle between God and his sister in the finale episode.

Supernatural season 11 episode 21
Rob Benedict as God/Chuck in Supernatural season 11 The CW

Rob Benedict, who plays Chuck/God in the show, spoke to TVLine about his role in the fight against Amara. He said, "We all have the same goal — we want to try to stop her. We have different reasons for why, but ultimately, what we have to do is be on the same team and trust each other. First on my plate as God is to get them to trust me, because I need them to be my boots on the ground, and we need to work together again. But I feel like there's always been a lot of love there between Chuck and the boys, and that's definitely highlighted in this next episode."

Speaking about Amara and God's complicated relationship, Benedict said, "There's definitely a brother/sister relationship at play, and the fact that they're, basically, two sides of the same coin... That's the human side of what's going on, this whole idea of every time he created a world, she destroyed it."

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