Flash season 2 episode 14
Barry and Zoom in The Flash season 2 The CW

Barry Allen successfully took down King Shark in a jaws-themed chapter of Flash season 2. Episode 15 dealt with the repercussions of what happened during Barry and Cisco Ramone's trip to Earth-2 as the entire team mourned Jay Garrick's death. However, the big moment came at the end of the hour with that big Zoom reveal.

Here are top moments from episode 15 titled, King Shark

1. After months of speculation about Zoom's identity, this Tuesday's episode finally gave fans the much-needed closure. In the closing moments of the hour, fans got a glimpse into Earth 2, where Zoom unmasked himself in the wake of killing Jay at the end of last week's episode. Zoom is none other than Jay Garrick. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly, "Zoom's identity has been revealed: He is Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick."

Adding to the topic, Kreisberg said, "How all of that plays out and what's actually happening, we'll leave for after the break. But we wanted to go out on this run of episodes with a big reveal, just the same way we did at the end of episode 9 in season 1, where we revealed that Harrison Wells was the man in the yellow suit. Zoom's identity is finally revealed."

Flash season 2 episode 15
Barry with John Diggle in The Flash season 2 episode 15 promotional pictures The CW

2. Arrow's John Diggle with his wife Lyla came to Central City after King Shark disappeared from the ARGUS facility and vowed to kill Flash. John gave Barry some much-needed advice as he pointed out that he had started to sound more like Oliver Queen, by carrying the weight of his world on his shoulders.

3. Barry is not himself after his devastating trip, which does not go unnoticed by Iris and Joe West. Later in the episode, the Speedster comes clean about what happened in Earth-2 and tells them both that Earth 2's Joe is dead because of him and that he cannot forgive himself for it. Meanwhile, Barry and Wally West do not hit it off. Wally does not like the fact that Joe and Iris adore Barry more than him.

4. Cisco is worried about Caitlin Snow turning into Killer Frost. After losing Jay just like Ronnie Raymond, the doctor is seen turning cold, to deal with her grief, which has scared off Ramone. A scene where Caitlin pretends to be Killer Frost to mess with Cisco was probably a subtle hint at her possible icy-future.

5. Barry defeats King Shark by producing electricity in the water with his speed and vows to the entire Star Labs team that he would defeat Zoom, to honour Jay Garrick. Is that hint of more Earth-2 adventures in future episodes?