Teen Wolf season 5 episode 18
Crystal Reed returns as Marie-Jeanne Valet MTV

Teen Wolf season 5's upcoming episode will see the return of Crystal Reed. The actress, who played Allison Argent in season 1-3, will return as Allison's ancestor Marie-Jeanne Valet. Episode 18 is titled The Maid Of Gevaudan, which airs on 23 February at 9pm ET on MTV.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

The Argents reveal a key clue to the mystery of the Beast of Gevaudan in hopes of aligning with an ally; Scott tries to take on the Beast.

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In the previous episode, Scott and Stiles's plan to trap the Beast went haywire. Kira lost control as the Fox spirit possessed her. Desert Wolf showed up and found out Malia's weakness — Stiles. Besides, Hayden and Liam became a team again and she says, "Whatever's next, I want to be with you."

But the shocking news of the hour came from Parrish. In an attempt to make the hellhound stronger, Lydia and Argents decide to fuse its personality with the Deputy. But when he stepped into the crazy machine, the hellhound declares, "There is no Jordan Parrish."

The Beast is still on the loose, and the promo for the upcoming episodes hints at some flashback scene as a clue to unveiling the Beast's mystery. One flashback scene is of Marie-Jeanne's (Crystal Reed) close encounter with the Beast — with her entire team hunted down by the Gevaudan's Beast while she is running away from it.

Another flashback goes back to the year 1760 and we see Marie-Jeanne running through the woods and the voice-over saying, "She would be known by history as the Maid of Gevaudan, but her real name was Marie-Jeanne."

If you want to know more about the Beast's backstory, do not miss this Tuesday's episode of Teen Wolf season 5.