The Flash
Actor Rick Cosnett plays detective Eddie Thawne in The Flash The CW

Characters of TV serial The Flash are slowly unveiling themselves, but an air of mystery still surrounds detective Eddie Thawne.

In the series, Thawne is Joe West's partner and Iris West's boyfriend, he is largely kept on the sidelines. Other than a charming personality fans don't know much about who he really is.

Actor Rick Cosnett is well aware of his character's enigma, but he assured fans that there is a plan for the character which will highlight his differences with Barry Allen.

He said, "I hate to say too much. I'm always dancing around what people really want to hear because it's really intriguing, the whole mystery and history behind Eddie Thawne. I have a clear trajectory. The writers have dropped bombs on me as we've sort of gone along, but Eddie is very much the opposite of Barry. The audience is very much in the dark and Eddie, at the moment, is very much in the dark. It's fascinating to play the state of not knowing."

The actor told The Hollywood Reporter: "Things happen very quickly in the first nine episodes."

According to Deadline, Eddie is "a recent transfer to the Central City Police Department, whose past is a mystery and who harbors a dark secret."

Also, in episode 9 titled The Man in The Yellow Suit, we see Thawne and The Reverse Flash coming face to face, while the man in the yellow suit beats the entire police team and doctor Wells, the Reverse Flash simply pushes Eddie away and flees the scene.

This only explains that the show is setting up a greater storyline for Eddie.

Moreover, Eddie's name shares a similarity with Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom, in The Flash comics.

Is Eddie, Professor Zoom?

In the comics, Eobard is a fan of The Flash from the 25th century who tried to become a hero himself.

After gaining super speed of his own, he went back in time to meet Barry Allen, but soon grew emotionally unstable and became one of Flash's worst enemies.

Thanks to time travel, Thawne has been able to rewrite history multiple times, including his own, but his biggest moment came in The Flash: Rebirth when he told Barry that he was responsible for murdering his mother, Nora Ellen when he was a child.

In addition, Grant Gustin has earlier teased the inclusion of time travel in the show .

The ending of The Man in the Yellow Suit strongly implied that Wells is/will be The Reverse Flash.

In the comic books there are two Reverse Flash -- Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) and Zoom (Hunter Zolomon).

While the character details of Hunter Zolomon match with that of Harrison Wells, but the former was crippled after being attack by Gorilla Grodd. Dr Wells is not crippled however, but viewers have seen him on a wheelchair throughout the show.

The series also teased the first look of Gorilla Grodd, which confirms that he is Zoom.

Eddie was not killed by the Reverse Flash for a reason and as Eddie's story continues, fans will find out how his last name could come into play when the show returns in January.