Police line do not cross
A Florida man was killed by a deputy after pointing a stapler during a standoff. Reuters

A Florida man was shot and killed by a deputy after he pointed a stapler at him during a standoff on 21 September. According to Sheriff Grady Judd, the deputy feared for his life and believed the suspect had a gun in his hand when he shot the man five times.

According to News 13, Polk County SWAT was called to a home in Auburndale, Florida when a suspect, identified as 34-year-old Dominic Fuller, barricaded himself inside the home. Fuller reportedly ran away from police who were investigating drug activity nearby.

Fuller ran to a nearby neighbourhood in an attempt to evade police and told people in campers that he was armed. According to the Orlando Sentinel, during one stop, he broke into a camper, woke up a woman and demanded she give him a ride. After she refused, he continued to flee while trying to open vehicles and homes on his way.

When Fuller was ordered to surrender, he allegedly pointed what Deputy Gabriel Reveron, believed to be a black and silver handgun. Fuller refused several orders to put his hands up and surrender.

"He has pointed a stapler at deputies after running through the neighbourhood telling people he had a gun," Judd told reporters on 22 September. "We can only surmise that he wanted us to kill him, that he wanted to die, by suicide by law enforcement officer."

The sheriff's office confirmed that Reveron fired five rounds at the suspect, who was later found dead in the home from an apparent gunshot wound to the upper body. News 13 reported that deputies did not find a weapon in the home with Fuller, but did find a black and silver stapler near the body.

Fuller, a suspect in a recent shooting, had a criminal record in four different states for various charges, including violent crimes, Judd said. Reveron, 33, was placed on paid administrative leave, as is standard protocol. No other officers or civilians were injured during the shooting.