Sacha Baron Cohen's latest film titled The Brothers Grimsby is not earning any brownie points with locals of the UK coastal town depicted in it. Now, a former Labour MP has lashed out at the actor who has become "public enemy number one" in the town.

Referring to Cohen's earlier character Borat, Austin Mitchell, the former Grimsby MP, in a review of the film for Politics Home said, "Why doesn't he get back to Kazakhstan and die?" The harsh reaction stems from the actor's less than flattering depiction of the town that Mitchell calls "a wonderful little community".

"Being public enemy number one in Grimsby puts him in greater danger than the Kazakh accolade, which only involves hanging by his toe nails. We're more inventive than that," he said and added, "On our new electric chair Sacha could be the first man to be executed by sustainable energy."

Mitchell went on to point out that filming did not even take place in Grimsby itself but in Tilbury. He opined that with its pathetic depiction, the film makes fun of the poor and deprived. "We've got fat ladies too like Rebel Wilson, but even the royal family has the Duchess of Zurich," he mentioned.

The former MP also took it upon himself to clear the public perception of his town and created a documentary showcasing its charm. "Just remember as you pay the millions you've earned from us into your account in Kazakhstan (after deducting some as a donation to Christian Care, Grimsby, to make amends) that you can see the real Grimsby on the film we made in response to your travesty," Mitchell said.