The Brothers Grimsby Apple Conference Parody
Sacha Baron Cohen's Apple-style presentation describes The Brothers Grimsby's plot as the "smallest, lightest and most confusing" ever green-lit by a major studio. Screenshot

To promote his latest film The Brothers Grimbsy, satirical comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has parodied a stereotypical Apple conference in which he claims, in Apple CEO Tim Cook-style, that the comedy film is his "finest, most advanced product yet."

The note-perfect pastiche is also intercut with the familiar white backgrounds and meandering speech inflections typical of Apple's promotional videos, often narrated in a similar fashion by Apple's Chief Design Officer Johnny Ive.

You can watch the video below, however be warned, if you input the link shown at end to see the uncensored version there are several instances of explicit language and sexual references – although that is kind of expected for a Sacha Baron Cohen skit.

Twitter / BrothersGrimsby

Starting off with jubilant crowds and soundbites from the fanatical attendees, including one which refers to Cohen as "a prophet", the 'conference' begins with an introduction to Cohen's previous 'products' like "the Ali G" and "the Borat".

We learn that Nobby, Cohen's latest pseudo-offensive creation and the main character in The Brothers Grimsby, offers "12% more likeability than Borat" and is "15% more idiotic than Ali G". Swap the subjects here back to an iPhone or iPad and you could be forgiven for believing it is a genuine Apple press conference, aside from the flurries of expletives in the uncut version of course.

Digging the knife in even further, after a very unsubtle jab at the Nation Rifle Association (NRA) that Cohen claims have been "putting guns in the hands of idiots" over the past 50 years, the phrase "it just works" appears on screen – mocking the catchphrase that has become the go-to Apple fan response in the Windows or Mac debate for decades.

While it almost certainly will not be nearly as entertaining as Cohen's parody, Apple have sent out invites to a legitimate conference event set for 21 March, where it is expected that the Cupertino company will unveil an iPad Pro-esque iPad Air 3 and the much rumoured iPhone SE.

The Brothers Grimsby is in UK cinemas now and showings in the US begin on Friday (11 March).