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Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox free Games with Gold titles for October 2022. These include "Windbound" and "Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition," which are now free for Xbox Live Gold members.

Until very recently, Microsoft has been giving away two free games for Xbox 360 owners and two free games for Xbox One console owners each month under its Games with Gold program. However, the September free games marked the last time it gave away games for Xbox 360 as the older console was dropped from the program, according to GameRant. This means that the two free games for October will only be for the Xbox One console.

'Windbound' (Available October 1 to 31)

In "Windbound," players must utilize their determination and skill to survive after being washed up on an unknown island. They play as Kara, who has been shipwrecked on the Forbidden Islands and is left with nothing more than what she can make or find.

To live, Kara needs to make her own tools and weapons and spend some time creating a new vessel that can be used to travel to the other islands offering an immersive, tactile sailing experience to players.

To solve the mysteries of each island, Kara needs to investigate its hidden past. Players will surely love this deliciously surprise game that completely reinvents the survival genre.

'Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition' (Available October 16 to November 15)

"Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition" is perfect for gamers who are looking for some challenges while piloting a plane. In this strategic flying and bombing game, players undertake dangerous missions during World War II.

There's no telling where danger might come from on every flight. Thus, players must carefully manage fuel, ammo, and hydraulics while simultaneously evading enemy gunners bent on taking the plane down. Even the weather might not be cooperative, so it takes a skilled pilot to get his crew back home safely.