Samsung Galaxy Note 4 successor
Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung

Samsung will reportedly be introducing the UHD Super AMOLED display panel in its next-gen Galaxy Note.

The production of the UHD display will commence in August and it will eventually be a part of Samsung's new Note, otherwise known as Galaxy Note 5, which is likely to debut around the IFA 2015 trade show, reports PhoneArena which claims to have received the tip from certain unnamed sources.

The report further suggests that the standard variant of Note 5 with a flat screen will sport a 5.89in screen with pixel density at 748 pixels per inch (ppi), whereas the dual-edge variant will have a 5.78in screen, giving it pixel density at 762 ppi. These pixel densities could be the highest ever on a phone, if the rumours turn out to be true.

This, however, would not be surprising for Galaxy fans, as at its Analyst Day presentation, Samsung confirmed that an Ultra HD Super AMOLED display with resolution 2160 x 3840 pixels was in the works for this year.

Additionally, at the Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap workshop last year, Samsung presenters hinted that a QHD Super AMOLED mobile display panel was in the works. The company then revealed the plan to launch the AMOLED UHD smartphone in the future.

The aforementioned information should be taken with a pinch of salt as Samsung is yet to make it official.

[Source: PhoneArena]