Samsung Galaxy Note 4
A concept design photo of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung will reportedly use flexible display for its upcoming fifth generation Galaxy Note and the sixth generation Galaxy S series smartphone.

Flexible display

Last October, Samsung finally released a smartphone featuring a curved display, made with first full HD Super AMOLED flexible display, Galaxy Round.

The Samsung Galaxy Round sold less than 10,000 units in 40 days since its market release. The smartphone was initially available in South Korea and can be bought through specialist websites in the UK for around £720. Even with a new display technology, the Galaxy Round failed to gain a firm foothold in the smartphone market.

After the Galaxy Round, Samsung has not launched any product featuring the flexible display technology, although there have been rumours for long that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 might use flexible display.

There is no official word so far, but the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature three-sided Youm flexible display, allowing users to view notifications and messages from an angle.

Flexible display for Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6

According to a new report by Ledwin, Samsung Display has delayed its investments in its A3 plant, which focuses on the production of flexible display.

Instead, Samsung has reportedly decided to resume building its new A3 factory due to the growing popularity of such display technology.

Besides, Samsung's business partners have reportedly said they would be forced to supply their equipment to other companies if Samsung does not change its focus, notes Gforgames.

The new A3 plant is expected to become operational by November or December. Samsung wants the factory to be fully operational as soon as possible, so that the upcoming Galaxy flagships such as Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 can use flexible display.

Besides, analysts claim that Samsung is expected to bring more innovations to its smartphone design, while making the device more competitive in the smartphone market. This goes very well with Samsung's recent statement according to which the next Galaxy Note will feature a "new form factor".