Galaxy Note 5's stuck S-Pen issue
Samsung has finally fixed Galaxy Note 5's stuck S-Pen issue Phandroid

Samsung has finally revamped its circuit board design and also changed the packaging box for the Galaxy Note 5 to help fix the issue of the S-Pen often getting stuck in its holster when inserted backwards. Within the first few weeks of launching the Galaxy Note 5, the tech community was buzzing with the pen-gate issue and Samsung had then advised affected users to refer to the instruction manual.

Although the user manual revealed how to insert the S-Pen correctly with its nib pointed forward, there were no instructions on removing a stuck S-Pen from its slot, when inserted backwards. Some veteran users reportedly used the brute force approach to bust the stylus out, which consequently damaged the pen detection mechanism.

Samsung had earlier refused to accept the blame for the phone's erroneous circuit design and instead asked users to follow instructions in the manual for correct insertion of the S-Pen. However, the company has finally amended the packaging instructions for S-Pen insertion as well as introduced new circuit boards for the Note 5, which uses a safer ejection and detection mechanism.

As Phandroid reports, the new circuit board allows users to eject the S-Pen even when it is inserted backwards, and this feat is accomplished with the use of a safety latch or an external cap piece that fits over the original design. The report adds that the new safety feature works flawlessly, despite appearing to be attached with just a piece of adhesive tape.

Samsung has apparently realised the importance of fixing the problem in order to cut down the rising number of in-warranty claims, following the pen-gate issue on its flagship phablet. Although the fresh batch of Galaxy Note 5 devices are likely to feature the new safety latch mechanism, it is still impossible to identify which model you have received (old or new) without taking the phone apart.

To be on the safer side, Note 5 users are advised to follow the user manual instructions to insert the S-Pen correctly, every time.