Samsung may showcase a prototype of its much anticipated foldable smartphone, dubbed as Galaxy X, at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) slated to take place in Barcelona at the end of this month.

However, the new foldable smartphones and foldable displays will only be shown to companies and individuals invited to the MWC at a private room. The idea is to assess the demand for foldable products after gauging their response.

Along with the Galaxy X, the company is expected to showcase a range of other foldable panels at the MWC. The foldable panels will include both in-foldable ones that bend inwardly like books and out-foldable ones that bend outwardly.

Samsung has patented and developed both types of panels but has reportedly been unsure as to which will be preferred by users.

An earlier report from Korean sources had spoken of a similar conundrum being faced by the company regarding the launch of the Galaxy X. The company executives are said to be in no mood for any loss-making venture post the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and thus want to first see if the market has ample potential for such foldable displays.

The MWC showcase may not be the only deciding factor for Samsung, but if it does get a good response from other smartphone and tablet manufacturers at the event, it is expected to pave the way for possible contracts. Supply contracts for display panels are entered into at least a year prior to the actual commencement of production and supply.

"Timing on commercialisation will depend on what kind of responses Samsung Electronics gets from MWC," a source told ET News.