Game of Thrones Season 5
Game Of Thrones season 5 premieres on 12 April Facebook/HBO

Looks like some much-awaited reunions and confrontations between main characters are in store for Game Of Thrones fans as season five premieres on 12 April.

According to early reviews of the first four episodes of season five, "some major characters will meet each other for the first time", reports The Sydney Morning Herald in a review roundup report.

"With apologies to a sci-fi classic, the fifth season of Game Of Thrones could easily be subtitled 'When Worlds Collide'," a review on Variety's website says.

"Having spent four magnificent campaigns establishing various constituencies with claims to the Iron Throne, four previewed episodes connect several of them in fascinating ways, while continuing to add new faces to an already sprawling cast."

While the San Francisco Chronicle hinted: "In some cases, these are characters we'd never thought of as even being in the same kingdom, much less the same physical space, as each other.

Game Of Thrones season five spoilers, leaked photos and official updates have teased that the upcoming season will feature Tyrion meeting Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons.

And while it has not been officially indicated in any way, fans are really hoping to see Arya and Sansa Stark reunite in the upcoming season. But the chances of that happening are quite slim.

The San Francisco Chronicle also teases another important development: "...Characters we have generally considered to be good will undergo changes this season, while others we've categorised as unredeemable villains show surprising moments of latent humanity."

Game Of Thrones season five premieres on 12 April on HBO.