Game of Thrones season 5 has finally given Jon Snow the storyline he deserves after four seasons of being a sort of helpless-almost-there hero.

Jon Snow is fast emerging as one of the few righteous, heroic characters on the show who stands for justice - which means he might be killed off soon (it's Game of Thrones, right).

While the Lord Commander's future on the show remains uncertain, viewers might have been nervous about his fate during that epic White Walker battle scene in last week's episode, Hardhome.

Actor Kit Harington recently spoke about his role in season 5 and teased what fans can expect from the coming episodes.

"I think that's the thrilling thing about the show, is that we really don't fit by the norms and people are in danger and horrible things do happen to people and we don't shy away from that," Harington told The Huffington Post.

"You can't count on Jon Snow being safe or Tyrion being safe or anyone being safe, so it keeps people on the edge of their seat, and it's why it's good drama."

When asked if Jon Snow will survive season 5, Harington stayed away from spilling any beans but he did tease that some "huge shocks" are in store.

"It's been a really testing and challenging season and those building blocks that have been placed are going to really come to fruition with these last three. They're really big episodes, and I can't wait," he explained.

"Other than that, I'm not going to say what happens, but there are some huge shocks some huge set pieces -- it's going to be epic. I can't tell you what shocks they involve or who they involve, but you'll enjoy it," he added.