Here's your round-up of the biggest video game news stories from the past seven days, including Sony's announcement of the 4K-enabled PS4 Pro, the first good look at Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay and Nintendo's surprise announcement at Apple's iPhone 7 reveal event.

Below are the original stories and some intro text. For more detail, click the headlines.

PS4 Pro: Sony announce 4K, HDR enabled PlayStation console for November 2016 release

Sony has announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, an upgraded PS4 model capable of 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) visuals, at a press conference in New York City. The device will retail at £349 and be released on 10 November.

Lead hardware architect Mark Cerny took to the stage to discuss details of the console, once code-named Neo. The focus was on the capabilities of 4K visuals and HDR that the console will support and the benefits it brings to HD-enabled, but not 4K, television sets as well.

While detailed specs weren't discussed on stage, Cerny did say that the GPU in PS4 Pro has been doubled and the CPU clock rate has been boosted. A greater bandwidth was also confirmed.

Mass Effect Andromeda: PS4 Pro trailer shows 4K HDR gameplay from BioWare's sci-fi sequel

BioWare showed up at Sony's PlayStation event to show off the first extensive look at gameplay from upcoming sci-fi sequel Mass Effect Andromeda. The footage showed protagonist Ryder walking and jet-packing through a distinctly alien environment.

The footage – later dubbed a "4K Tech Video" – also shows Ryder, several human characters and a previously revealed Asari character discovering a holographic map before being chased down by robotic drones.

Super Mario Run: Nintendo bringing gaming icon to Apple iPhone and iPad in December 2016

Apple and Nintendo caught the mobile gaming world by complete surprise with the announcement of a brand new Super Mario title for iOS devices. In another shocking turn, Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage at Apple's media event on 7 September to introduce Super Mario Run.

The game itself takes the traditional Mario platforming gameplay and transforms it into a side-scrolling runner-type game. Players can utilise the touchscreen to make the portly plumber jump to different heights to leap over obstacles, collect golden coins and squash Goombas. Super Mario Run also includes a battle mode named Toad Rally where players compete for a high score.

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