On Easter Sunday, police responded to a call to break up a street fight in Bedfordshire. A group of at least 20 men were seen brawling in the neighbourhood. Armed with sticks and glass bottles the men went at each other at around 5:40 pm. Even though no arrests were made, the Bedfordshire Police has launched an investigation to find and fine those involved in the fight.

A resident of Sheridan Road and Argyll Avenue area of Luton recorded some alleged gang members gathering on the street. In the short video, the confrontational thugs can be seen getting extremely close to each other, ignoring the call for social distancing to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. Social distancing guidelines ask people to maintain a 2-meter distance from others when stepping out of their homes.

In the video, two men started verbally abusing each other until one of them backed the other to a wall. From there, the brawl erupted and more people got involved. One of the men can be seen smashing a bottle in another man's face. Pushing each other onto the cars parked on the streets, the thugs recklessly threw fists.

Detective Chief Inspector Aaron Kiff of the Bedfordshire Police confirmed the incident. Kiff stated that the police responded to a call from Luton on Sunday. Referring to the action of the brawlers as "unbelievably reckless," Kiff emphasised that such criminal behaviour would not go unpunished.

Kiff pointed out than increased government funding during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the police to crack down on violent crimes. More than 100 patrols targeting gang hotspots have been arranged to keep gang activity low. Along with finding those involved in the street fight, Kiff assured that the police are trying to tackle the root cause of such gang violence.

During the lockdown, police have been given special powers to ensure that the citizens of the United Kingdom stay indoors and maintain social distancing. People are allowed to step out of their homes to buy essentials, to get medical assistance, and to go to work if they are not able to work from home. Those who step out for any other reason can be fined for up to £60. Repeat offenders can be repeatedly fined, the Sun pointed out.

Bedfordshire police have asked members of the public to come forward with any information they may have about the men involved in the fight on Easter Sunday.

Belfast brawl
Gang members breach COVID-19 lockdown for street brawl. (Representational image) Facebook