Garry's Mod
Garry's Mod let players manipulate assets from Half Life 2 (and later other Valve games) for their own creations Facepunch Studios

A follow-up to hit sandbox creation game Garry's Mod is in the works at Facepunch Studios – just don't call it Garry's Mod 2. Studio founder Garry Newman revealed its ongoing development after being asked about potentially raising the price of the original, first released in 2004.

"We wouldn't raise the price now, I mean we're kind of working on a sequel, so it'd be stupid to the raise the price really," Newman told PCGamesN. "It's early days. We're looking at having more VR [virtual reality] stuff in it – that's the big point of it. And it won't be called Garry's Mod 2.

"The price goes back to the original days. We decided to have it that cheap because when Valve originally asked if we wanted to put it on Steam I said no. I thought: who would pay for it? When we were first talking about price we thought $10. If we'd have priced it at $50 or $30, or even $20, I don't think it'd have lasted ten years."

The interview was conducted for a piece about the making of Garry's Mod, which was originally a mod of Valve's Half Life 2 given away for free by Newman, who was under the impression nobody would want to pay for it. That soon changed, and the game is still available today for $9.99, or £6.99.

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