Bungie has released patch 2.0 for online shooter Destiny, setting it up for the release of its biggest expansion to date The Taken King on 15 September. The huge patch comes in at 18GB on PS4 and Xbox One and 30GB on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The biggest patch to date will bring in a huge amount of changes that fundamentally change how Destiny plays and also open up every Destiny player to a week-long preview of the new multiplayer content being added to the Crucible as part of The Taken King.

Bungie has published in-depth patch notes here. Two new multiplayer modes – Rift, a capture-the-flag-style mode, and Mayhem, a mode that increases the recharge of super abilities – as well as eight new maps from part of the preview event but will only be available to The Taken King owners from 15 September.

A new experience system represents the biggest change, refocusing the oft-criticised Light system into something easier to understand. Rather than needing specific weapons and armour to achieve a higher level, they will be unlocked by gaining experience, with Light now an average of the player's attack and defence ratings.

From 9 September Armsday events will take place. These weekly events will see the game's gunsmith Banshee-44 lending the player weapons and setting them tasks which in turn earn reputation with Banshee, unlocking more powerful weapons.

A new Quest system is also being implemented that will make it easier to track quests and there will be an increase in the amount of bounties a player can have active at one time − from 10 to 16. This week, prior to the release of The Taken King, there will also be no weekly or daily activities.

Destiny: The Taken King will be released on 15 September on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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