A clothing store in Gaza City named Hitler 2 is displaying mannequins with knives strapped to their hands as an homage to the upsurge in stabbing attacks on Israelis by Palestinians.

Hijaz Abu Shanab, a 20-year-old shopper, said: "The name of the shop is 'Hitler' and I like him because he was the the most anti-Jewish person. They have done us wrong, they took our rights in this land and they left us with nothing. It is better for us now to go and die, we are living like the dead. I like the clothes and the name, it is fantastic."

The mannequins are also wearing balaclavas, masks and can be seen holding Palestinian flags. The store front has gone viral, with pictures being shared a number of times on Facebook.

Gaza: 'Hitler 2' clothing store causes controversy
Gaza City shop 'Hitler 2' has recently started displaying mannequins with knives tapped to their hands. Reuters

Immad Mharib, 20, said: "I saw an advertisement on Facebook so I wanted to pass by the shop because of the knife, the koufeyeh and the mask are now symbols for the intifada of al-Aqsa. I want to buy from this shop I like the idea as it is supporting our people in Jerusalem and the West Bank."

Islamist group Hamas has recently encouraged violence through online videos urging Palestinians to join a "knife intifada".

Arutz Sheva, a news site popular among Israel's religious community, on 4 November took down a video game on its children's pages in which players used sticks and umbrellas to "neutralise" bearded and robed attackers bearing knives and guns.