UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has labelled Georges St-Pierre as a "f*****g fraud" for dodging the big names in the past.

Bisping will defend his 185-pound belt against the former welterweight champion at UFC 217 on 4 November in what will prove to be one of the year's biggest fights in MMA.

However, before St-Pierre's return, there was the talk of him challenging welterweight champion Tyron Woodley or even contesting a super fight with Conor McGregor.

In the end, "GSP" was set to face Bisping and the Briton has warned the Canadian that while he might think it is an easier fight, he will not be able to use his traditional game plan of taking an opponent down and beating them up.

The 38-year-old also took a jab at St-Pierre for not fighting Anderson Silva during his prime as well as Luke Rockhold, who Bisping defeated to become middleweight champion.

"We trained together a long, long time ago and he [GSP] outwrestled me then," Bisping said, as quoted on MMAFighting. "I didn't know a double-leg from a Big Mac. So he still thinks he can outwrestle me down and beat me."

"He didn't want to fight Anderson Silva when he was the champion. He didn't want to fight Luke Rockhold when he was the champion. So he's looking at me as easy pickings.

"That's why he's focused on fighting me so much. And for all this talk, I say Georges is a fraud. And Canada, who looks at him as their champion — Canada's champion is a f*****g fraud."

Bisping went on to add how St-Pierre will come to regret his choice to not retire as a champion when they eventually lock horns in Madison Square Garden.

"He's coming up a weight class against bigger guys — a bigger guy who's used to fighting bigger guys, who's used to fighting guys who can hit way harder than Georges can hit me," he added. "He can't hurt me with anything."

"And then when I jab him in the face and I punch him again, he's suddenly going to realize, 'S**t, I made a mistake here. I shouldn't have done this. I should've backed out.' He should've never came back."