Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler arrives for the World Premiere of the film Geostorm which released in theaters on 20 October FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Gerard Butler better have his medical insurance up to date. The actor, who was recently rushed to hospital after suffering a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, revealed that it was his third visit to the emergency room this past year.

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly, the 47 year old revealed that he experimented with alternative medicine a while back, but it did not have the desired effect.

"I had heard of this guy injecting bee venom, because apparently it has many anti-inflammatory compounds," he said, explaining that he was looking for pain relief after having to wear a 65 lb. space suit while filming Geostorm, his latest movie.

"So, I'm like, 'Come, come to New Orleans where we're filming.' So, he gives me a shot, and I go, 'Oh, that's interesting,' because it stings," he recalled.

"Then he gives me 10 shots, and then I have the worst reaction. I kind of enter this anaphylactic shock! It's awful, creepy crawlies all over me, swelled up, hearts going to explode. But I go through it," he continued.

It was only because of his adverse reaction that the actor was rushed to the hospital and found out that the man had given him "10 times too much" venom.

Despite the health scare, the 300 star was keen to give the bees another try. "Four days later, I decide to do it again because, I think, 'Maybe I just took too much'." Things did not work out well the second time either and Butler found himself back at the hospital.

"The guys at the hospital are like, 'What is it this time?' But I made it through, [although] now I have to worry anytime a bee is around!" he said on a lighter note.

The Scottish actor also opened up about his recent road accident to Entertainment Tonight, recalling the exact moment his motorcycle collided with the car. "I was going along the road doing my thing and this lady decided to go from parked on the other side of the road to an illegal U-Turn and went right in front of me," he said. "I smacked the car, went flying through the air and did a somersault and landed – and it hurt a bit."

Butler said the crash made him "really appreciate how precious life is", but considering his proclivity for danger and hospital emergency rooms, it is about time the Ugly Truth actor start taking more care of himself.