Gerard Butler reportedly suffered a nasty tumble after he crashed his motorcycle while riding in Los Angeles over the weekend. According to TMZ, the Ugly Truth actor was run off the road when a car cut him off.

According to the report, a bystander called emergency services and the 47-year-old actor was taken to a nearby hospital. An unnamed source told the tabloid that Butler was lucky enough not to break any bones and only suffered a few bruises.

Despite his injuries, the 300 star is expected to continue promotions for his latest film Geostorm. He will appear on The Talk on 20 October.

Prior to his road accident, Butler was in New York where he made a guest appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

During the interview, he revealed that while he is treated like a star in the US, back home in Scotland, his fame doesn't have the same effect.

"You can't get away with much in Scotland," he said, recalling an interaction with a girl when he first got famous.

"I was in this bar once and there was this girl looking over. She's kinda staring at me almost like 'You're a d**k cos I know who you are.' Then she finally walks over and she's like, 'You know, I know your face from the telly – but I'm not gonna tell you that 'cause it's going to give you a big f**king head!'"

In Geostorm, Butler plays Jake Lawson, scientist and architect behind the International Climate Space Station which helps prevent natural disasters on Earth. Due to certain satellite malfunctions, the world it at risk of suffering from a chain reaction of massive disasters that could lead to millions of people dying. It is left to Jake to fix the satellite issue and save the world.

Geostorm releases in cinemas in the US and UK on 20 October.