Team Scotland's parade uniform for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has attracted a lot of comments – mostly negative.

The uniform was designed by textile artist Jilli Blackwood, a graduate of the Glagsow School of Art. It features turquoise shirts with a caramel, pink and turquoise tartan kilt for the male athletes, with the female competitors wearing a turquoise wrap-around dress and a shawl in the same tartan.

Team Scotland Commonwealth uniforms
Members of Team Scotland show off their 2014 Commonwealth Games parade outfits Team Scotland

Team Scotland's tartan outfit has drawn even more criticism than Team GB's 2012 Olympics white space tracksuits with gold epaulettes and sweat patches.

Team GB
Athletes from the Great Britain delegation wave as they parade during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games Getty

Spanish athletes took to Twitter to complain about the garish outfits they had to wear at London 2012. "Olympic outfit, there aren't enough adjectives," tweeted field hockey player Alex Fabregas.

Spanish field hockey player Alex Fabregas gives the London 2012 tracksuit a sarcastic thumbs-up @AlexFabregas

At the opening ceremony of this year's Sochi Winter Olympics, Team Russia wore fur-trimmed coats with more than a hint of Santa Claus about them.

team russia
Members of the Russian delegation wave during the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics Getty

Footlballers are no strangers to awful outfits, both on and off the pitch. Previously unknown Spanish second division team Cultural Leonesa have received a lot of attention this season with their tuxedo-style shirts. Smart.

Cultural Leonesa
Cultural Leonesa's tuxedo-style shirt Twitter

The worst football kit of all time was worn – briefly – by North American Soccer League team the Colorado Caribous. They were formed in 1978 and were dissolved that same year – perhaps because of their rodeo-style brown jersey with a leather fringe across the chest.

football caribou
The uniform worn by the Caribous of Colorado in 1978

Mexican goalie Jorge Campos wore a series of highlighter-coloured kits. Judging from the picture below, he could barely look at his garish get-up – and nor can we.

jorge campos
Jorge Campos shows the agony of defeat against Bulgaria during their 1994 World Cup match Getty

Burly Stade Français rugby players got a lot of stick for their powder pink jerseys and shorts in 2009 but they were arguably preferable to the jerseys they had to wear in the 2011 season.

Left: James Haskell of Stade Français on October 18, 2009. Right: Stade Français players James Haskell and Tom Palmer in 2011. Getty

In a sport not exactly renowned for tasteful dressers, Ian Poulter ruled the roost for years, until John Daly discovered Loudmouth Golf Trousers.

Cathy Freeman of Australia wore this all-in-one hooded running suit at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. She probably regrets it now.

cathy freeman
Cathy Freeman gets ready for the start of the women's 400m final in Sydney Getty

In 1985, US tennis player Anne White wore a white, one-piece, Lycra body suit, until the umpire told her to wear more appropriate clothing.

Anne Whyte
Anne White prepares to hit a return at Wimbledon Getty

Andre Agassi was no stranger to crimes of fashion, with his cycling shorts and flowing locks (though he later revealed he wore wigs at the height of his fame).

andre agassi
Andre Agassi wearing skin-tight cycling shorts Getty

And last, but certainly not least, the Williams sisters have always taken great pride in setting their own dress standards on the tennis courts.

Venus raised eyebrows with her lingerie-inspired microskirts worn with flesh-coloured knickers, while Serena raised blood pressure with a series of skin-tight outfits.