Organisers of 2016's Glastonbury Festival have told attendees "please do not set off" as heavy rain has caused traffic mayhem for those attempting to make their way to the famous event, held annually at Worthy Farm.

Pictures of muddy revellers and snaking traffic are making their way on to social media as people are stuck waiting for hours before they are able to enter the site.

Muddy festival goers at Glastonbury 2016
Festival goers drag belongings through the mud to get to campsites Reuters

Guidance sent out via the festival's Twitter account told those that have not yet left not to set off; those on their way to "stop somewhere safe and warm"; and for everyone to be prepared "for your journey to take longer than usual".

IBTimes UK will bebringing live updates on the situation as it develops.


Right, we're wrapping up - that looks like it for the main updates. If you're still looking for which road to take Glastonbury Police are tweeting traffic updates; otherwise Worthy FM is keeping the updates coming (in amongst some tunes).

For now though, the advice stays the same: get ready for a long journey and if you haven't left yet, best to delay a bit longer.

Glastonbury 2016
Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

But still make sure to have an incredible weekend!


The A37 has reopened! However, police are still telling people to use the A36 and M5 junction 23 - presumably so they don't have to shut the A37 again.


Glastonbury Police "strongly advise" people to use the A36 and M5 junction 23 to get to the festival.

They also reiterated that people who haven't left should stay put.


The IBTimes UK glasto team have sent us a video showing the slow traffic, edging closer to its eventual muddy destiny.


If you're worrying about how the whole weekend might turn out, things are looking up. The Met Office tells us that the weather is looking fairly good for the rest of the festival - not a single dark, rainy cloud on their forecast. It's mostly cloud, with sunny intervals, hurrah!

Glastonbury festival weather forecast
Glastonbury festival weather forecast Met Office


For an idea of what festival goers are queuing to get to, we have a gallery of the first pictures coming out of the mud splashed, rain sodden farm. Just look at those smiles.

Glastonbury 2016
Stoyan Nenov/Reuters
Glastonbury 2016
Stoyan Nenov/Reuters


Here come pictures of police with hippies! There will be more...


The IBTimes UK Glasto team have decided on trekking instead of waiting around - they got a cab part of the way but if they cabbed it the whole journey, they were looking at a £100 bill.

Walking past the Glastonbury traffic
Walking past the Glastonbury traffic IBT Media


Glastonbury Police say they have closed the A37 at the Podimore roundabout. They suggest three alternative routes: A36, A350 or coming off the M5 at junction 23.


Tempers are rising in the camper van pen...

Elsewhere, some are finding novel ways of passing the time...


Unofficial Glastonbury news account GlastoWatch says that getting "creative" with the route to the festival can save lots of time. "Ignore GPS" - sound advice.

Glastonbury goers queue at Castle Cary
Glastonbury goers queue at Castle Cary IBT Media

IBTimes UK Lifestyle Editor, Alice Cuffe, sends us this picture from Castle Cary where people are waiting for shuttle buses to the festival. "Massive delay" due to a breakdown nearby - "it's a nightmare" she tells us.


Caravans are now moving from the holding area at Bath & West, Worthy FM tells us. The snails' race continues...


Glasto founder Michael Eavis told the BBC: "We did ask people to come in later." He said people started coming before the gates had opened and he was "sorry for the delay".


Avon and Somerset Police are advising people to avoid main roads, they're also asking people to delay their journey.

There is a temporary caravan holding site - just follow signs to 'Drop & Collect'.

Roads noted to have particularly heavy traffic are the A361 to West Pennard and A37 north and south of the junctions with the A361.


Those looking to listen to some music and calming chat, Glastonbury's onsite radio station - WorthyFM - is broadcasting on 87.7FM, or online here. Just had some rousing Two Door Cinema Club who just so happen to be playing this years festival, 3pm Friday on the Pyramid Stage.


And now the latest update: "the picture is improving". Traffic is making it onto the site but the recommendation is still to hold off starting your journey - "the longer you leave it the less you will have to queue."

They also reminded people that the entertainment does not start until Friday, so there's no need to rush.


Here's the original recommendations from organisers from 8:30am: If you haven't set off, don't. If you have, find somewhere warm to wait and stock up for the long wait ahead of you.