Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani's nude photos have created a huge buzz on the web - and a warning by the Iranian authorities.

The 29-year-old, who gained international fame and government condemnation for her role in the 2008 Hollywood blockbuster Body of Lies, has been accused by officials of "betraying her supporters" and warned not to return to Iran.

Farahani was accused by the Iranian regime of violating Islamic law by appearing without a hijab in certain scenes of the Ridley Scott film.

She recently participated in a short movie called Spontaneous Generation, which was made to mark actors' nominations for the Cesars, a French film awards ceremony.

She is in the running for a prize for her role in I'll Kill you if you Die, directed by Hiner Saleem.

A nude photo of her, along with similar pictures of other nominated actors, was published by the French magazine Madame le Figaro.

Within hours of the photo's publication Farahani received thousands of reactions. Many supported her move in defiance of her country's strict religious and moral code but others were outraged and accused her of breaking Islamic rules.

Iran's semi-official news agency Fars said: "With the little support she still had left, Farahani now betrayed her supporters too." She had posed nude, it claimed, "to attract the attention of ad companies and film studios".

The Paris-based actress told the Telegraph she was warned by government officials not to travel back to Iran.

In an interview in 2009 she explained the need to separate her public and private lives in Iran. "In Iran you learn how to lie from a young age. You have different lives. I started lying since my first day at school".

The fear of arrest or prosecution led people to live "secret lives", she said.

Talking about the impact of living in such a strict society she also said "How can people judge each other so easily?"