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Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world but thanks to a new dating trend it can also do good for others too.

The Good Will Dating challenge sees couples head to their local charity shop and buy each other the ugliest outfit they can find. They then continue their dinner at a restaurant, cinema or any other public place where they will suffer maximum embarrassment dressed in their ridiculous get-up.

Named after the Goodwill chain of charity shops in the US, the idea is to shake up common date night plans while giving to a good cause.

The rules state that each person must pick their significant other's outfit with a $10 limit, and present it to them before going on a date, Klassie Alcine, a director of community engagement at Goodwill , told NBC affiliate KSHB.

Couples are encouraged to share their memories on social media using #GoodwillDate. Here are some of them:

More pictyures from our #goodwilldate happy birthday babe!

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Four friends in the US are believed to have come up with the idea - or at least were the first to go viral with it - in 2015.

A photo of the two couples dressed in ill-fitting and mismatched vintage store clothing was shared over 200,000 times and liked by 81,000 times on Facebook.

Last year, husband and wife Shane and Noel Pauley shared their Goodwill Date night photo on Facebook, garnering almost 400,000 likes and over 510,000 shares. The couple even changed their names to Ethel and Roger for the evening.

Tonight's date night was hysterical. We had $10 each in Goodwill to buy each other an outfit that had to be worn out....

Posted by Noel Pauley on Friday, July 14, 2017

"We go on date night one night a week," Noel, a 29 year-old social worker who lives with her husband and baby daughter outside Atlanta, told Today Parents. "We work really hard to keep it a priority in our lives. We love the normal dinner and a movie, but we also love out-of-the-ordinary dates."