Google Chrome for Android updated
Google Chrome OS now updated Google

Internet giant Google has updated its Chrome operating system, and the latest version is rolling out to Chromebook users across the world.

The latest Chrome OS bears version number 42.0.2311.87, with platform version 6812.75.2 and users should find their Chromebooks automatically getting updated to the latest Chrome operating system iteration.

Google's latest update to Chrome OS contains the following newer enhancements:

  • Files application revamped to feature Android Lollipop-like Material Design UI, to follow the suit with Material Design
  • Chrome operating system launcher revamped to include better search experience, voice search, and Google Now integration
  • Calculator application is now updated
  • Password protected Zip-files now supported
  • Default typeface on all Chromebooks updated to Roboto for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts, to be more consistent with Material Design interface.

The rollout of the latest Chrome operating system iteration is a phased one; hence it might take a while before the OS hits all Chromebooks across the world.

Apart from the above newer aspects, Chrome OS 42.0.2311.87 incorporates the conventional bug fixes and stability/performance enhancements.

Chrome OS users can check out the latest Chrome iteration, and report the existence of bugs, if any, directly to Google via the customised bug filer.