Google is hard at work to make its Android more powerful, possibly with its own phone Getty Images

Starting from its operating system, then its processor to device design, Google now wants to handle everything on its own. In an attempt to make Android more competitive with Apple, which has complete control over its software and hardware for iOS devices, the internet giant is again debating the idea of building an Android phone, unlike the Nexus models, which are co-developed by its manufacturing partners.

According to the Information company's executives are currently discussing the idea of building a phone. Apart from this, there is not much known about the hardware or the release. Google's new strategy surfaces more than a year after the company sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion (£1.91bn), while retaining the majority of Motorola's patent to use it for its Android ecosystem.

Starting from the first Nexus handset − Nexus One − released in 2010, to the latest models and even the tablets, all are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei. Building its own phone would mean Google would have more liberty to implement its own design and control over its devices.

Google seems to be quite serious about its own designed products to challenge Apple, which is its major market rival. Recently, Google has been reported to be in talks with microchip manufacturers for co-development of chips to power its Android phones. The chips would enable new features with Android software. While there are not many details on when exactly we can see these changes, Google is believed to be planning to implement new features within Android software sometime in 2016.