Google update for Duo, Allo, Maps, Photos
Fabio Coelho, Google's President for Brazil, speaks as he attends the Google for Brasil event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 22 March Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

Google Duo is no longer limited to video calls as the company has now added support for audio-only calls to help users stay connected even on a low-bandwidth connection.

Starting Wednesday (22 March), the feature would be first available for users in Brazil. Other markets are expected to receive the update over the next few days.

Google also announced updates to its other products at an event in São Paulo on Wednesday.

Allo messaging app users, for example, will now be able to share documents and other files – pdf, .docs, .apk, zip and mp3.

Another notable addition in the update is the Smart Smiley, which according to the company, lets users find the right emoji faster..

The company has released two new Google Photos features on both Android and iOS, making backup and sharing easier on low bandwidth connections.

With this update, photos are backed up automatically in a lightweight version on slow connectivity. The images can then be replaced with high resolution photos when the user gets on a good Wi-Fi connection. Users can also share low-resolution photos using a spotty connection and later send the high-resolution version when the connectivity is better.

There is some good news for Google Maps users as well. The company has introduced a new feature that not only helps users keep family members informed about their location, but also lets them choose on who gets to see their location. Users can now head over to "Your personal info" section of My Account and select Location Sharing to manage location settings.