Google Android One phone in US
Google's Android One phones expected to debut in the US soon Google

After targeting developing markets such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other South Asian countries, Google seems to be eyeing US consumers to promote its Android brand phones.

The company is reportedly planning to expand the Android One programme for budget smartphones for the US.

There is no word as to how many handsets are planned, but according to the latest disclosure made by the Information, Google wants to fund an ad campaign when the Android One phone launches in the middle of this year.

The first phone would be different from other Android phones, at least in terms of software updates. The web search giant would roll out timely software updates, as well as security updates, for two years from the time the devices go on sale. This is the practice Google follows with its Nexus editions and its new Pixel phones.

The phone is likely to be priced around $200 (£162)-$300. The report also suggests LG could be its first manufacturing partner. Once the first phone is out, Google is likely to add more Android One phones from other manufacturers.

While Google's high-end Pixel and Nexus devices are at the top of consumers' priority list, the primary reason the company wants to expand its Android One devices in the US is to promote its Android brand.

Unveiled in 2014 at its 7th annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco, Google rolled out the Android One handsets with high-quality performance, affordable price tags and reasonable data plans in emerging markets.