Google Nexus 5X by LG
The Google camera app could soon scan your image to provide search results IBTimes UK

The Android camera app is set to get an interesting new feature based on the functionality of Google Goggles. Google Goggles is an image-based search app which allows one to search the web by taking a picture of anything.

According to a report, the updated version of the Android Camera app will be integrated with Google Goggles which is currently a standalone app on the Play Store. It will also provide advance features than what the app currently does like selecting specific areas of the image in order to directly target their searches. Searching the whole image has proven to bring plenty of discrepancies with the Goggle app.

The technology has also reportedly been tested in "wearable computing devices" which means that it could be used for products like the much anticipated Google Glass 2 and possibly even VR (or AR) headsets in future. The latest report shows that Google is attempting to bring all of its search-based apps together to avoid users from moving away from the Google ecosystem.

It is not known as to when the updated app will come through but it could be at the Google I/O event in May or may just be randomly announced by the company as it did with the Android N developer preview.