Google is offering a 25% discount on its latest tablet called the Pixel C to developers. The slate comes equipped with Android N.

The tech giant has reduced the price of the Pixel C to encourage developers to buy and try out the tablet. However, Google is not verifying user's developing skills.

The product has been listed on Google's developer site. The Mountain View-headquartered company said, "Just sign up below to receive updates from the Pixel team, and we'll email you back within a few days with a unique discount code to be used on the Google Store."

The 32GB version of the Pixel C, which was priced at $499 (£351), will now be available for $375, whereas the 64GB tablet will be marked down from $599 to around $450. The tablet's keyboard, however, will be sold at its original price of $149, meaning developers will now be able to buy the keyboard and the tablet for the same price that one would normally spend on a new tablet.

Although Google is marketing the discount specifically for developers, it seems like the tech giant has little interest in demanding proof of any technical skills from users. Hence, those without developer skills can also order the Pixel C at the discounted price. All one has to do is sign up using an email address and Google will then mail a link with a discount code, which can used to avail the discount.

Moreover, Google has not specified the time period for the offer, but reports suggest that it may not last for long, given that the demand is high for the tablet. Google has said that the offer will only be available to users in the US "while supplies last". The Pixel C incorporates brand new features like split screen and picture-in-picture mode, Doze mode and more.