Google's annual developer conference is kicking off Wednesday, 25 June in San Francisco, with the company expected to announce new hardware, updates to its software for both mobile and desktop, as well as perhaps news on its "moon shot" projects like Google Glass.

Google I/O could be the platform from which the tech giant unveils the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) mobile operating system, an Android Wear smartwatch, Android TV, a new Nexus tablet, and possible updates for Chrome, Chromecast and Google+.

Make sure to check out our in-depth preview of the event.

When and where is Google I/O taking place?

The keynote address will begin at 9am local time at the Moscone Centre, this is when all of the big announcements will take place.

Below is a list of local times for when the event will take place around the world:

  • San Francisco - 9am
  • New York - 12pm
  • London - 5pm
  • Amsterdam - 6pm
  • Johannesburg - 7pm
  • Bangkok - 12am (Tuesday)
  • Hong Kong - 1am (Tuesday)
  • Seoul - 2am (Tuesday)
  • Sydney - 4am (Tuesday)

Can I watch it online?

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet you can already download the official Google I/O 2014 app from the Google Play Store. While this mostly includes a timetable of events and alerts reminding users that a session is about to start, those not present at the event can also use it to livestream the event.

Those wanting to watch the event through on their desktop or laptop will be able to find a livestream of the event here.

For all of you unable to watch a live stream due to poor internet connection/overbearing IT administrators in your office, fear not, as IBTimes UK will be live blogging all the news from the event.