A few Nexus 6 users are facing issues with their newly delivered handsets which come with a faulty back panel that is unglued.

A certain Redditor, who received his Nexus 6 bought via Google Play Store, confirms that the back cover of the new Nexus devices is coming out. And continuous pressing does not work as the cover comes back to the same position. Below is the Reddit posting about the Nexus 6 back cover.

"So I just picked up my delivery of a newly assembled Nexus 6 that I ordered from Play Store in Canada and this is how the phone came out of the box. The back seems to be peeling off from the sides and pressing the cover down does nothing as the back pops back into the same position as seen in the images. I think this is a manufacturing error with the glue becoming too weak in the Canadian winter while shipping. What do you guys/gals think? I am going to be contacting Play Store support soon too and will try to keep you updated."

The user then contacted Google Play Store and will get a replacement of the handset.

Other users who are also having the same issues on their Nexus 6 will receive a replacement.

Meanwhile, Motorola has acknowledged the issue on a few devices. Motorola Support has advised users to contact their customer care team for a replacement.

@ChrisCannon396 We're seeing a few -- bad luck to get two! Do you need help getting this one replaced?

— Motorola Support (@Moto_Support) January 11, 2015

@ChrisCannon396 Please contact our Customer Care team and let them know you need it replaced: http://t.co/8w99cq9XWC.

— Motorola Support (@Moto_Support) January 11, 2015

[Source: Android Authority]