Fans of the action drama Gotham can finally mark their calendars as Fox has moved up the season 4 premiere. The show will return on 21 September as opposed to its early date of 28 September.

Executive producer John Stephens pumped up the excitement levels when he let loose a couple of teasers regarding the upcoming season. Last we saw Bruce Wayne, he had just awakened the vigilante within and according to Stephens, audiences would get to see his progression into the Caped Crusader, though there is no Bat suit as of yet.

"He will wear body armour and grappling hooks but he will not be Batman. It's a little more of a Batman: Year One in a different setting," the showrunner said at a panel at the San Diego Comic Con (via Cinema Blend). "I'd say visually, when you look at what Bruce is going to be doing this season, it's gonna look far closer to what our conception of Batman is definitely gonna be."

The evolution will not only be visible in Bruce's fighting techniques. Stephens said that the young man's changing behaviour will also explain his future playboy persona. "You're also going to get to see him do very specific things, certain elements like when you watch Bruce Wayne acting like a playboy, we sort of ask the question how did he learn to do that so well," he said.

"Well maybe there's a time that he wasn't pretending to be that and we actually play with a little bit of Bruce having a teenage spiral, where he enjoys the elements of being a billionaire with no parents in Gotham, that he can draw from later on to become the fake playboy."

Fox also released a trailer for the upcoming season, which can be viewed below: