Thousands of protesters have taken to streets of Athens over proposed cuts to pensions in Greece. Students, workers and pensioners protested outside parliament on 23 January, against the plans which come as part of the latest bailout deal for the country.

The deal is expected to be voted on in the Athens parliament in February.

"We are fighting so that this specific bill is not even brought before parliament," said Dimitris Vlachos a member of the firefighters' union. "We must stop this because it will deprive most people from having access to health care and social security," he added.

The bailout deal requires Greece to cut pensions by1.8bn Euros (£1.36bn). The average monthly pension in the country stands at around €850 (£643, $917).

The bailout deal also includes welfare cuts of up to 30%. The protest was organised by trade union Pame, who have links with the Communist Party in Greece. They say they are "exhausted" after five years of austerity.

Dimos Koubouris, from the Private Sector Pensioners Association, said, "We are united with the workers as we are facing the same problems. They (government) are destroying social security, they are destroying our rights. We must fight to change the policies of the European Union, the government and all those who serve them."

Walkouts and strikes are planned for 4 February over this latest bailout deal.