Saint Paisios
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Famous Greek monk, Elder Paisios, who is also described as Greece's Nostradamus had reportedly foreseen the war in Palestine.

Paisios, an Orthodox monk from Cappadocia who died in 1994, was highly venerated in Greece and Russia. He was canonised in 2015.

Like the French seer Nostradamus, he made several predictions about the future. Every time something tragic occurs in the world, his prophecies also become the centre of attention. His followers have been taking to social media stating that he correctly predicted the war in Ukraine and Gaza.

"The Middle East will become a field of wars, in which the Russians will also take part," he said. "A great war will break between the Russians and the Europeans in Istanbul and much blood will be shed".

He also has a prediction about the dissolution of the European Union by the UK and the US. "It won't last for many years, it will be destroyed by the Brits and Americans, because they are one nation and work together," said the saint.

He also reportedly said that Turkey will "be dissected" to Greece's "benefit as a nation".

"This way our villages will be liberated, our enslaved homelands. Constantinople will be liberated, will become Greek again".

Elder Paisios is not the only one whose prophecies have become the fodder for conspiracy theorists and social media users. French astrologer Nostradamus and blind Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga have both become subjects of conversation since the beginning of the new year.

Many have claimed that Nostradamus had already predicted the New Year's Day earthquake in Japan. People have been taking to social media platforms like X, also known as Twitter, to try and connect the current world events to the prophecies made by these soothsayers.

The 16th-century astrologer, in his book "Les Prophecies", did predict natural calamities and disasters in 2024. People have now linked the prophecy with the tsunami warning issued in the wake of the 7.5-magnitude earthquake that struck central Japan on January 1.

"The earthquake in Japan and the prophecies of Nostradamus of 2024 JLIAACEA reports. Nostradamus predicted that there will be a serious earthquake taken place in Japan in 2024. He made the prophecies in 1555. In 1 Jan 2024, a 7.6 level of earthquake was taken place in Japan," a Twitter user wrote.

"Nostradamus had seemed to have predicted. 2024 started very harsh. Earthquake, Possible Tsunami, Japan Airlines collides with , bursts into flames , killing airport personnel!!! We pray for your mercy. May peace , sanity prevail," commented another.

The seer is believed to have correctly predicted the Great Fire of London, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the death of Napoleon, and the killing of John F. Kennedy.

Similarly, Vanga foretold that the year 2024 will also see terrifying weather events and natural disasters. And it seems that her predictions might have already come true.

However, it needs to be noted that Vanga had also claimed that a solar storm with devastating consequences would hit the earth in 2023, but that did not happen. Therefore, all prophecies must be taken with a pinch of salt.