More than £200,000 ($254,860), part of a £5m emergency fund, has been given to 180 families who were affected by the devastating fire at the Grenfell Tower building in west London earlier in June.

At least 79 people have died since a huge blaze engulfed the building in Kensington on 14 June. Authorities said the death toll is expected to rise. Eighteen people remain in hospital, nine of whom are in critical condition.

The government pledged on Friday (16 June) to give at least £5,500 to every household whose home had been destroyed by the fire, with one cash payment of £500 and the rest delivered through bank accounts or similar in a single payment.

The fund will also cover costs for temporary accommodations, legal representations for residents and funeral expenses. An extra 1.5m will be used to pay for mental health support for the emergency services.

The Grenfell Response Team (GRT) said on Tuesday ( 20 June) at least 180 families had already received part of the funds, according to the BBC. GRT added at least 78 families affected by the fire were on course to be located locally.

"Work is taking place to assess the housing needs of all Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk families to identify suitable accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea and neighbouring boroughs,"GRT said.

Investigations into the causes of the fire and why it spread so quickly are due to take place. The building is managed by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation.

Among other possibilities, it has been speculated that flammable zinc panels recently bolted to the exterior of the building could has been a cause of its rapid spread.

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