Grey's Anatomy season 13
Meredith finds Alex sleeping in her room in episode 11 of Grey's Anatomy season 13 ABC

Grey's Anatomy season 13 will return with episode 12 titled 'None of Your Business' on Thursday (9 February). The episode will focus on Meredith and Alex's relationship as the latter's court case has been postponed indefinitely.

In the previous episode Meredith was busy searching for her BFF but to her surprise she found him sleeping in her room all day. Their recent chemistry has sparked speculations that this might be a new couple alert in the show. However, Justin Chambers, who plays Alex, do not see anything romantic between them. Rather he prefers to think of them more like siblings.

Click here to watch the episode live on ABC's official website. The twelfth episode will air at 8/7pm CT on 9 February on ABC network.

"Anything is possible as siblings that care very much for each other," he told TV Line. "But that happens in life, where people who are friends become lovers. Personally, I don't see that [happening] right now. I think it would be kind of strange. I think they're too close... too much like brother and sister. I have super-close friends who I'm not romantically attracted to at all. So I think just because you're so in love with someone in one way doesn't mean it's a romantic love. But they certainly do understand each other a lot," Chambers added.

The official synopsis for the episode reads: Maggie gets a surprise visit from her mother at the hospital. Bailey has to make a difficult decision when one of the attendings refuses to work with Eliza, and Stephanie gets caught up in Owen and Amelia's personal drama.

Meanwhile, the Grey Sloan Memorial has become a battlefield due to the ongoing war between Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey, and new chief of the hospital Eliza Minnick. In a promo released by ABC, April becomes curious after seeing Webber's wife Catherine Avery in town asks her if she is going to put a halt to the ongoing battle between the doctors.

"You should keep your mind on the scan and not on my marriage" warns the veteran doctor.