Walking Dead season 7
Rick will receive major help from the women only Oceanside community Gene Page/AMC

Rick Grimes will rise up in the second part of the Walking Dead season 7 and will try to assemble an army to defeat Negan and his Savior. But declaring a war again the most powerful leader won't be easy for Andrew Lincoln's character as all his supplies and weapons have been robbed.

But he may receive help from the most unlikely source. In the first of the seventh season, Tara was saved by one of the members of the Oceanside. During Tara's encounter with the mysterious group, she learned that there was no men in the community as all had been killed by Negan.

Rick has already started assembling the other surviving communities but that may not be enough. Showrunner Scott Gimple has teased that the women only group will play an important role in Rick's attack plan against the notorious Saviors.

"I'll just say that there are a lot of common threads within these communities now — they're bound together in one way or another. That's going to draw them to each other. The structure of 7B is very different, just as 4A was different to 4B — and the connections and characters are coming together," he told Entertainment Weekly.

Gimple later explained that the aide from the Oceanside will be a 'very big deal' for Rick and Co. "There's definitely unfinished business there. And the information that Oceanside — and what it possesses — would be a very big deal to Rick."

Apart from the help from the other groups, Rick is set to get a major boost in his fight as he will reunite with Carol, the woman who rescued her entire team from the cannibalistic Gareth in season 5. The reunion of the core team comprising of Carol, Daryl, Michonne and Rick will definitely a threat that Negan needs to worry about.

The Walking Dead season 7 returns on 12 February on AMC with the rest of the episode.